AERODOMO manufactures the most efficient and profitable structures on the market.

- Attractive architectural design upon customer's requests.
- Fire Resistance Certification under European and Chilean standards (NCh 1979).
- Less construction cost than any temporary or traditional structure.
- Fast manufacturing and assembly.
- Structures with no seismic risk.
- Ability to mitigate site impact and control environmental agents.
- The Dome can be up to 13.20 m high, colum-free, structures in its standard size.
- Low energy consumption.
- Operational flexibility (access and circulation).
- Mounting flexibility in different topographic and climatic conditions, among others.
- Chilean manufacture with a high quality and resistance imported membrane.

Efficient Design|Superior Technology|Fastness|Large Areas


- Remote monitoring assistance.
- Flexibility on increasing the sqm covered to an installed dome.
- Fast and easy adding of accessories
- Advertising or corporate branding.
- Washing and maintenance service.

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For the installation of an Aerodomo of 3,000 sqm in its standard format, it is necessary to have a three-phase 380v / 12 Kva electrical supply. And a 12 Kva electrical backup [generator] kit with automatic transfer switch board.

It is necessary to differentiate the surface that is needed for the operation of the Dome from the one that is needed to anchor it.

For the anchoring the Dome a ring beam foundation is suggested. The size of this depends to the size of the Dome. The surface can be a compacted terrain, concrete floor, asphalt, etc.

For a 3.000 sqm Dome in it´s standard format, an installation time of approximately 15 days is estimated, which may vary somewhat depending on the location, terrain conditions or weather.

The inflation time of a 3.000 sqm Dome in it's standard format is approximately 30 minutes.